The Yu Yu Hakusho forum of is a forum that lasted until October, 2009. Of the users there, the most known included CableGuy15, talonmalon333, deckzone3000, and ensatsu-ken.


Yu Yu Hakasho is this anime/manga about this guy named Yusuke who gets hit by a car trying to save a kid and comes back to life as a ghost investigator and looks for demons with his crew of friends.

Beginning (2005)Edit

In the beginning, the Yu Yu Hakusho forum had no regulars. It was only users who came and went. However, at this time there were users who went on to become regulars, such as deckzone3000 and CableGuy15.

Golden Years (2006-2007)Edit

It was around this time when the forum established it's regulars. Also, new users joined at around this time, such as talonmalon333 and ensatsu-ken, who soon became regulars. One of the most known threads at this time was the Yusuke's crew vs. One Piece crew topic, a five month long debate between rivals CableGuy15 and KingofIPirates.

Another thread that started during this was the demon classes. This topic went through various revivals and was recreated numerous times. The main debaters were CableGuy15, deckzone3000, and talonmalon333.
At some point towards the end of the year 2007, the users of this forum discussed their future, and what they predicted would become of the forum.

Drop in Quality (2008)Edit

After the golden years ended, the forum dropped in quality at a radical speed. Users stopped frequenting, topics became repetitive, and there weren't many new posts. Although new users joined, the majority of the old users had left by this point.

Death (2009-2010)==

Finally, in 2009, the forum was dead. Only one or two posts were added every few months. Towards the end of 2009, talonmalon333 created a thread declaring it, naming the thread Death. To it, he invited old users (some of which who had long since left from the golden years to give their final words of respect to the forum.