Wumbology's current avatar on SBC.

Wumbology is a user who joined under the name RalphWiggumFan back in June 08. He got more active in 2010. He joined SBC known as Wumbology, which is what he is called now. He is a Administrator on SBC and is quite a good user. He is a very stern and outspoken Admin.

Wumbology left SBC in July due to Summer activities, but returned on August 15th, 2011. He resigned in Fall 2011, but was re-Admined the night of the Roger's Lightbulb incident.

He has made many spin-offs which include:

Adventures of Tentacle High (Ended)
Coral Drive (Currently Airing)
Patrick's Big Break (Currently Airing)
Anchovy Busters (Cancelled)