Thesuitelife44 joined on April 14th, 2007. In July 2007, he became a frequent member on the SpongeBob boards, until around January 2008, where he quit for a little, then came back in around March. After this he had long periods of inactivity, where he would sometimes come back and sometimes not. However, in August 2009, he came back, and he would become a well known and respected member of the SpongeBob boards.

The Banning of thesuitelife44Edit

Around September 8th 2009, thesuitelife44 was banned, along with dragiiin123 due to a recent attack on the SpongeBob boards. But close friend that70sguy92 continued to post his spin-off.


thesuitelife44 created a spin-off, Conch City. It was a mild success but was rather quickly canceled in July 2010 when he returned to the SBC forums.

Return To SBCEdit

After quitting SBC sometime in October, he came back a few times. He didn't come on for quite some time after this. He made a comeback in June 2010, in which he was modded again. Due to him getting inactive again, he was de-modded and didn't come on for two years.

2012 Return - PresentEdit

After having disappeared for two years, Thesuitelife44 returned to SBC June 24, 2012. He has not logged on in a while however.