His avatar on SBC.

The_Cartoon is a member of who joined in September 2008. He is the current host of the Best Episode Ever Contest in the Spongebob Forum. He one of the only regular posters to not get a TOS violation in the "Banning Brigade" of 2009, in which almost every regular Spongebob Forum poster received at least 1 TOS violation.

The_Cartoon is a spin-off creator in the Spongebob forum, ranked #6 in the Top 20 Countdown. He is a winner of 9 Spinnys and has creator 4 Spin-Offs: Survivor Bikini Bottom, Livin' Like Larry, The Krusty Train, and his newest addition: Survivor: Holiday Hills. As of May 2011, he has retired from Spin-Offs, thus ending them all.

The_Cartoon originally joined after he got hooked on Total Drama Island when it was released in America. He searched around trying to find another good forum and finally found the Spongebob forum, which is one of the reasons that he loves Spongebob as much as he does today. He slowly migrated away from the TDI forums when a lot of the best users left and posted on the Spongebob forum full-time. He later went back to the TDI forum and now posts in both. He is not that active much anymore on, but he comes by from time to time. He came back again in August 2010. He returned to the Spongebob community in September 2010. He isn't very active, but he comes by from time to time. He hasn't been online since late 2010/early 2011.