The Terminoob-that70sguy92/jjsthekid conflict is a fight between Terminoob and that70sguy92 agaisnt jjsthekid.
The fight started when terminoob posted a review of jjsthekid's show, MermaidMan: The Brave and the Bold! on the reviews thread. What Happened Next After this, jjsthekid threatened to quit like he has before. This sparked more controversy as that70sguy and terminoob called him a priss for threatening to quit after a bad review. This caused jjsthekid to say he was staying, and to be more honest, but he just gave shows D+'s. He also continued to spell hero like heroe, after told three times.
The Suspension of KingofKlubs13 (terminoob) Shortly after this, terminoob was suspended. This caused more outrage out of thesuitelife44, terminoob, and that70sguy92. He was suspended after a comment referencing Family Guy was posted to jjsthekid.
Who Is Right? Some say jjsthekid is right because the review was too harsh. But for the most part everyone agrees jjsthekid was being a bit whiny and threatening to quit, with some saying they didn't care if he quit, and wanted him to.