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SpongeOddFan is a user who joined under the name CrazyOdd_2006 on November 6th, 2006. He goes under other names such as SpongeOddFan. He contributes to the WBA Wikia a lot. He is currently more active on SBC, previously as a Good Noodle; now a Loyal Customer. He was also best known for his typos which users find it funny as he mispelled a few times. He usually goes to XAT a lot as well. Days

SpongeOddFan started off as Crazy_Odd2006 where he was he contributes some posting in SB board while trying to be active at this point

Commitment To SBC

SOF has shown his loyalty to SBC, by donating $100 to the site, which sadly, did not go right, as the money never showed up on SBC's PayPal.

Created Works

SOF's Talk Show (Cancelled)

The Krusty Kelp City (Cancelled)

The Dark Side of The Herd (Ended)

SOF's Exciting Critic Corner (Ended)

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