The Spongebob Community Chatbox fight was a momentary conflict on the Spongebob Community chatbox that occurred on November 25, 2010. It was Thanksgiving evening, and a user named loan133, who had recently joined SBC, created a blog on a thread involving a rant about public school. He later went to the Spongebob Community chatbox and found that several other members were disagreeing with his blog. Ioan133 was inexplicably angered by these comments, and he insulted fellow users Clapmaster, and that70sguy92. Many members were very angry with loan133, and they began to argue with him. After a while, loan133 claimed that he was insulting other members because he had ADD, but a lot of users refused to believe him. After this, loan133 left the chatbox. He was then prosecuted in SBC Court and found guilty. However, he was never suspended.