SBC forum spam

A screenshot of the Spambox 2 with the spam posts

On Friday, November 26, 2010, SBC was hit with a large spam attack that lasted 32 minutes and had a total of 113 spam posts. The attack occurred during a period of tension between SBM and SBC. Originally thought to be just random spammers, a rumor formed that it had been a conspiracy. Finally, nearly a year later, it was discovered that the attack was executed by SBM members Mothra, abney317, MDPP, no_username., TattleTale Strangler, and no_username.'s friend. The attack caused very high tension between SBC and SBM.

Beginning Edit

The attack began the night of November 26. It was a regularly active day on the site and Jelly, tvguy, that70sguy92, ExKizuna, Clappy, jjs, and several other users were in the Xat. Around 5:00 PM/8:00 PM[when?/what timezone?], users noticed a few spam posts. This was ignored and taken care of quickly.


Around half an hour later, spam aggressively flooded the site. Spam was posted mostly in the Music forum at a rate that caused numerous errors. Posting on SBC ceased, as topics were flooded. A few staff members attempted to control the damage. The posts utilized large Pokemon graphics as their method of spamming.

Finally, a little bit later, the spam ceased and users flooded the forums with questions. Because of the nature and scale of the attack, it took staff around two hours to clean up.

Aftermath Edit

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A collage of all the signatures of the Pokemon.

The attack was a retaliation by SBM after tvguy had gone on their site with aggressive bashing and advertising. The attack was dubbed the "Pokemon Attack" because of the Pokemon graphics used. SBM leaders ssj, Abney, and Spongedude all spoke out against SBC users when they came onto the forum accusing them. They all said that it was not conducted officially by SBM, but by a group of members. Users on SBC to this day still believe the admins were involved but there is no proof. If the admins were ever involved they would have come up with something more amazing than a pokemon raid.

In SBC CultureEdit

An episode of the literature fanfic on SBC known as "Rusty's Raping Rampage" satirized this event.

A graphic made by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick displays the different GFX images used in the attack. This picture is displayed above.