Ryan "Fernando Crescando", known on as peplarry12, is a member who joined on August 28, 2008.
He is most famous for being the sole creator of The Kris Show, an animated cartoon to debut in 2010 online and then be sent to a major broadcasting company. He is currently at level 18.
He has many other major projects, including McCruds- Don't worry it's edible! which was a canceled 72 minute Lego-stopmotion movie, Ferning's Works House Portraits, etc. He was formerly known as peplarry12 universally, but has since been known as FernandoCrescano, a pseudonym which will be used in all of his works and credited as Ryan "Fernando Crescando" as of October 8, 2009. His collections of projects are conjoined into one major hub: Phogna Bologna, Inc, which he has founded in March 2009.
He has been working on his show since April 2006.
His Youtube Channel has since been peplarry12, but has been moved to a new account: FernandoCrescando.