KingofIPirates, or more commonly known as KOP, is perhaps the most known troll on He is infamous for instigating various arguments, and then keeping them running for as long as possible. Even when he is proven wrong, he keeps arguments going, and is known for taking things literally (for example, if someone claims that all he does is argue all day, he will respond by saying that he's not on the internet all day, and therefore it is impossible for him to do so). He is also known for his mediocre grammar and paragraph structures, and for massive walls of text.
KingofIPirates' favorite show is an anime titled One Piece. He possesses an extreme bias for it, treating it like it is nearly flawless and overestimating the power levels of its characters. He once claimed that it deserves an Oscar, even though it is a television show and not a movie.
Of everyone he argues with, KingofIPirates' greatest rival is ex-user Cableguy15. The two of them have had many arguments. Of their arguments, the most known is by far the Yusuke's crew vs. One Piece crew topic, a five month long argument between Cableguy15 anf KingofIPirates (some other users also posted occasionally). KingofPirates is generally believed to be the reason as to why Cableguy15 was banned, along with his ban dodging user names.
KingofIPirates also visits the Dragon Ball Z forum. This is a forum where the people always argue. Even so, KingofIPirates is still believed to be more keen about arguments, even there.
Other users that he argues with are Ice-Man, deckzone3000, talonmalon333, and ensatsu-ken. He and ensatsu-ken were the ones who argued the famous topic, The most effective form of telepathy.
Recently, KingofIPirates was honored in the Yu Yu Hakusho board topic, Death. He was honored as a tough user who never gave up, and for getting other users into One Piece. He was given the title "Epic".