KingBoo112 is a creepy user on, GameSpot, and MovieTome since May 15 2009. he haunted Luigi's Mansion in 2001, and was trapped in a painting after he did such thing. He likes to watch The Simpsons, Futurama, South park, Family Guy, American Dad!, SpongeBob, occasionally The Cleveland Show, and The Office and other shows. He has a chat room, but NOBODY goes on it for some reason [1]. He likes coconuts, not sand. In his spare time, KingBoo112 enjoys playing sports, watching TV and going on TV.COM(Until he was banned). Enter my profile, if you dare.

The Banning of KingBoo112!!!!!!!Edit

On November 6, 2009, KingBoo112 has finally been kicked out from TV.COM! But even though this user is banned, it can still be found on Gamespot and rarely MovieTome.