Joemcmark joined on October 9, 2008. Un-like most people here he rarely uses the SB boards but he's friends with everyone who does. Originally when he started he only used the TDI boards and he only made about 4 friends in his first month on then he started his TDI fanfic which only ended up getting four comments per episode. Joe still made his regular blogs and continued to post on the TDI forums but around December he realized no one read them so he gave up on them and didn't write a blog for almost 5 months! Then he stopped using forums and almost completely left In late March he learned that tracking people was the key to making friends. His TDI fanfic tripled in comments. Around May he made about 80 friends and began to blog again the first actually blog he made in the spring got almost 20 comments. Through out the summer he came to the site a lot and successfully finished his TDI fanfic. Which was one of the first TDI fanfics where the readers could actually vote for who left and who stayed. He then continued to blog and comment on his friends blogs. By the end of the summer he made over 100 friends and he has about 25 friends on Gamespot. He now writes an original writing called "Orphans" about a 13 year old boy named Vin who's father was a alcoholic who killed Vin's mother and Vin killed his father so he couldn't kill his brother and sister and they moved into an Orphanage. A special 3 part episode is said to air by the end of the year. Joemcmark is found on Gamespot more than these days where he is the leader of The Awesome Private Club and an officer in two other unions. Joemcmark is a FG,Sly Cooper,Super Mario,and Moral Orel fan who loves to make new friends. He hasn't been on SBC since 2009.