JellyFishJammer (now simply Jelly) is another famous user on and The SpongeBob Community. She joined on July 7th 2008 (But she had joined SpongeBuddy Mania earlier before She joined SBC on October 12th, 2009.


Jelly's Current Avatar HistoryEdit

She became a well respected user on the SpongeBob Boards and beacame a regular spongebob fan. She is currently at Level 29 and was featured in Community Spotlight in March 2009. She is also known for her drawings and she had a blog party in May 2009. She is the editor of The Penguins of Madagascar and is a huge Beatles Fan. Some of her best friends were Clapmaster, Pokesponge and Redsoxfan. She could be considered an older user.
However sometime in January 2010 said she might leave. Many users were startled by this and she explained more in her blog. Many feared she did leave, but she came back about 2 weeks later and said she has decided she will stay. However, it was reported she did later leave She is mainly found on The SpongeBob Community now.

The SpongeBob Community (2010-Present)Edit

She joined SBC on October 12th, 2009, but stopped posting, giving her time to SBM. She later returned to SBC in November 2010. She became a Moderator on May 23rd, 2011, after a few months of being a GFX on SBC. Although she is a generally kind member, she does speak her opinion when something bad happens or standing up for herself, such as when ACS fought with Jelly in The Ban Game thread, and used a li nk to a pornographic site to insult her. Jelly didn't fight back, but gracefully told him he was breaking a site rule.

Jelly has always been the voice of reason on the site, seen when she disaproves of the fighting going in during the SBC Renaissance 2. Jelly has also been a guest narrator for newscasts 8 and 14 of SBC News. As of 2012, after serving as a moderator, she has taken a seat Chairwoman of the Rep Board of SBC.

Jelly's Avatara

A former avatar of Jelly's.