Truthfully, this conflict didn't last for a long time. Two Spongebob forum members tweenboy and hipeoples4 had a short conflict, futuramarama, another Spongebob forum member, was also involved in it. hipeoples4 complained that tweenboy always quoting people was annoying, in the Spongebob Poll topic he/she made, to which tweenboy called him/her an idiot,(which proclaims hipeoples4, not an idiot)and hipeoples4 quotes this and other replies made by futuramarama and one from another Spongebob Forum member: iheartperry. Hipeoples4 rages and insults tweenboy(also respectively, calling him the B-word). Hipeoples4 also blames iheartperry and futuramarama for agreeing with him. Eventually, Hipeoples4 and tweenboy talk about who started it. Hipeoples4 proclaims tweenboy started it. tweenboy said hipeoples4 started it. In the other hand, hipeoples4 was no longer mad at futuramarama and iheartperry. Hipeoples4 had no other option, but to leave, unless tweenboy apologized. Due to his/her friends not wanting him/her to leave, hipeoples4 decided to stay by getting all over that stuff tweenboy meant.Eventually they made up but tweenboy was banned before him and hipeoples4 could fully renew thier friendship. No people left or got banned for this short conflict.