Not everyone on and The Spongebob Community is a nice person. There are trolls and haters on these sites, people who hate television shows and bash them, and sometimes even the users. Some of them have even gotten users banned and suspended from the site. Be warned, as they don't seem to listen when people tell them to leave, and the best thing to do is report and ignore them instead of fighting back.

WARNING: We are not trying to scare any new users to SBC and, who don't know who trolls are. But the following said above has happened, and there have been flame wars with other shows before. As stated above, the best thing to do is report and ignore bashers.

Major SBC Trolls

Here are some trolls and haters over the past few years and months who are best known on SBC and's SpongeBob SquarePants board:

WhaleBlubber- One of the older trolls back in 2005, Whaleblubber, better known as Im_A_Shark, is the most famous member of the SpongeBob SquarePants forum. He has made multiple accounts focusing on Under-sea creature names and always insults other users. He kept getting banned from the site and he returned back in March of 2009 with a new name known as Sharkentor. Of course, that account was banned. In July 2009, it was said that fellow user Spongebobs1fan was hacked by Whaleblubber! He said rude things and was pretending to be spongebobs1fan and retired him from his editorships. However, some say that spongebob1sfan was just joking and pretending to be him, but it was actually his little brother who views In March 2010, whaleblubber came by SBC with 2 accounts known as jjj89jj and areyouatvguynocauseiam. However, jjsthekid was in a chat with sbfan July 2010, and sbfan said that was actually his brother who was jjj89jj.

In July 2010, he came back as Zies85, but was banned a few days later. He came back again with some other accounts and got a few users banned. He's noted for getting long time member SpongeSebastian banned. He later attacked SBC with a few accounts such as guymonty, but was banned. He was alledged to have returned on February 6th, 2011 when he hacked the SBC xat. He then said next week he would hack SBC. On February 13th, 2011, he did. But that70sguy92 managed to fix it. He then revealed he knew everything about everyone, revealing he had been watching us. He then warned he wasn't done yet and left. In late May 2011, Whaleblubber hacked the SBC Xat once again and pretended to be tvguy, Ex, and Face. The people on did not fall for his tricks. Whaleblubbers words were revealed true when he revealed he did in fact know everything about recent SBC events. He then left the Xat after a while. WB revealed 70s was 15 years old in December 2011. Whaleblubber has since disappeared and the site has never had another encounter with him. In July 2012, Whaleblubber told SpongeSebastian in an email that all of the chat hackings and SBC hackings were not in fact him, but a member trying to play on the other members' absolute fear of WhaleBlubber. However, this is not believed to be 100% true.

NightmareFan_17 (Ex-Troll)

He isn't exactly bad persay, but he has gained hate from several users. He is a ban-dodger on who was originally named Captain52, which was his original account. After getting banned, he made many other accounts later over the years such as: NightmareFan_17, Rock_Goddess_18, and many many more. He was known for bashing Bob_Ball revealed him to be Rock_Goddess_18 in June 2009. He was somewhat mad over this, which may explain why he attacked the SB Forum in August 2009. He later moved over to GameSpot. On September 25, 2010, he attacked Spongebob Community under the account name DarkWaters78, which he registered September 3rd. He seemed like a nice person at first, but his true intentions were soon revealed. Late at night on September 25th, 2010, he spammed the site. The only users online at the time were BeachBob95, Steel Sponge, Deli, Pakasa43, and Sabrespongebob, and there were no moderators or administrators online either. Fortunately, he was banned several hours later by administrator ExKizuna, and all his posts were deleted by jjsthekid, Wumbology, and the rest of the mods and admins. He returned October 12, 2010, but with a change of heart. He deleted his account a few days later, but on July 11th, 2011, he returned as AlienEmperor57 and apologized. He is no longer considered a troll. After a short period of time before the vBulletin move, he disappeared again. However, he returned December 7th, 2011, and then left again.

Person - Not exactly a troll, but a member who had recieved much hate and controversy from other users. He constantly fought with Fa, Metal Snake, and Jjsthekid. He also started many fights on the Xat and during Jeopardy. He was banned from Jeopardy forever after an incident during Round #10. He is now on SBC less.

Minor SBC Trolls

loan133 - Not exacty a troll, but a member who got into small fights on the forums and subsequentely caused a huge fight on the Chatbox on November 25 2010, which lead to an SBC Court Case. He was found guilty, but was never suspended. He left the site, but returned for only one day on January 17th, 2011 to advertise a new forum he made, which never became anything. His whereabouts now are unknown.

rallyistracer3000- A Troll that originally started out on the Spongebob Board on He bumped a few old threads. Then, he came over to SBC and insulted other members such as Steel Sponge and people who liked Band Geeks. He was later banned shortly after.

Cherry - A seemingly nice girl who had wound up at the SBC Xat on February 11th, 2012. On February 12th, 2012, it was revealed that she was saying sexual things to CDCB and SOF in PC (Private Chat - Xat Feature). Thus, Clappy banned her forever from the xat.

Jenna4 - A troll who came on the site early in the morning on January 9th, 2011. She sent PMs to several members (even girls), trying to seduce them. She was immediately banned by staff. Read the full story in link.

Other Trolls from Other Forums -

BoringKid- A troll who joined back in March 2009, but wasted his time to say a negative post about SpongeBob. He later returned In July during the Sponge Bash and said very rude things to users and the show. He kept doing it until he was banned.

Birdette- Another troll. Though said to be a basher, some say he is allowed to voice his opinion. But he has bashed the show multiple times and is rumored to be another user who bashes the show named illuminous and they are the same people. However, he was suspended in Mid September 2009 and according to something he said, he was never un-suspended. As of today, he is gone.

Tvlover- In March 2010, he posted a thread about a fake SpongeBob episode and posted fake sources and he kept bashing the show. In fact, he also bashed it in another thread and insulted the mods in it. He was later banned after this.

ukmitov- Like BoringKid, he made an account just to make fun of spongebob. Like SeaSpongez's Users, Unite thread, he made a thread called Haters unite and bashed Spongebob in it. His thread was recently deleted.

KingofIPirates- Main Article: KingofIPirates

KingBoo112- Main Article: KingBoo112 (only in the beginning of his TV.COM days)
DeathMoretheShade- Another infamous troll. He was also known for spamming other forums as well. Ironically enough, he was once trolled by Whaleblubber.

SkullDuggery20- This person is not a troll, per se, but will fight with you and your opinion to the death. He joined in late July, and got into a forum war with Southparkfa over the quality of Adventure Time, and then followed him to Unnatural History and Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated Forums. Eventually, he stayed at the SD: MI forums, and offended many users, including teenj12 with his attitude and inability to take an opinion, causing many users to get suspended/banned. Thanks to the hard work of an undercover operation from Southparkfa, SkullDuggery was finally banned in September 2010.

Enemy Sites and Organizations

SpongeBuddy Mania - (2009-2011, resolved)

Rebellion Against Cyber Bulliers (RACB for short) - (2011, resolved)

IAVA Forums (run by ACS) - (2011-2012, resolved)