Gadida started off as an innocent boy in the DBZ forums. But once he settled in, he showed his true colours in the site. He always flirted, and talked about women. The beauty of all this lies in the fact that women, instead of feeling repulsed, usually found themselves attracted by Gadida. He was also the embodiment of evil. The Satan of the site. He always had the knack of befriending people despite being the most annoying guy in the site. He soon found himself a girlfriend in wingsofshadows. His rival, Vegeta_ano was also after wings, but with his charm, wings always liked only Gadida. Something that does not surprise anyone. His best friend on the site was YamiNarutoBrief. His worst enemy was deckzone3000(At that time. lol) Soon, the war forums were discovered. One of his friends, CableGuy15 ruled it in Gadida's absence(If gad is there, he rules. Period) After realizing that he and a few other friends like Darklord, Iamcrazy(He is darklord with a different account) and KingGogeta2(Probably the closest guy to gad in terms of randomness and funny nature) got suspended. Gad decided to check it out. He took the spam to the next level. So much so that he got permabanned and even the forums were deleted as a result. But that set a chain of motions where gad returned and got banned again and again. When asked about this Gadida account, the mod said he had enough TOS's to get 7 super trolled banned twice.