ExKizuna is a SBC member who first joined under the username, sdavcgtfdjhgfv on January 21, 2007. He was sadly banned from on October 12, 2009, but he continues to create blogs on Gamespot. He joined the Spongebob Community on October 13, 2009. He is also one of the most well known members on SBC as well. On May 21st, 2011, he announced he was leaving SBC, but would still be at Xat and Gamespot. He later returned as of June 18th, 2011. He is now a Good Noodle. He was later demoted to a Customer due to lack of activity on SBC after the XAT hacking. He was briefly short-lived head of XAT during November but he was removed from the post due to xat reform.


Ex's current avatar on SBC.

Xat Fight April 2012Edit

occured April 3rd, 2012, when the Xat was hacked by ExKizuna. There, Exkizuna came on and started to bully Jjs in PC, demanding Jjs to ban a spammer that came on, in a rude tone. Exkizuna said he was playing an April Fools prank by hacking the chat, but Jjs and the others called him out. After a huge fight between him, Jjs, CDCB, and SOF, Ex finally gave up the password and left. Not returning since. Full Story.

On April 9, 2012, Ex returned to the xat, but hasn't talked about what happened.



A previous avatar of Ex's on SBC.