PokeSponge123 is another very famous member along with Tvfan, SpongeSeb & SpongeOddFan. He has been stalking ever since around 2006. He later joined in July 08 under the famous name PokeSponge123. He started his first ever spin-off which was The Patrick Show. That turned out to be a hit. He made another spin-off, known as Star City which is a spin-off of his spin-off. He has been posting on SBC as well. Sadly, In Janurary 2009, he was banned from Though, On Janurary 28th, he made whizkid777. He did not reveal he was PokeSponge until around April. But, he often left and came back from time to time. He had started a spin-off known as The Squid Squad on that account, but it was cancelled very quickly. His most recent spin-off is The Krusty Kradle. He changed his name to Doogle on SBC.

However, he left SBC in April 2011 due to the users' constant fighting. He returned in October 2011, and then disappeared again, then returning in February 2012. He then disappeared again after that, returning in April 2012...and then disappeared again in May 2012. It is unknown where he is now.